At WIX we’re doing tons of cool stuff. First of all, we are developing a platform for more than 100M active users. *The three very technical Wix* founders have launched a dev-centric culture (http://www.aviransplace.com/2013/10/28/dev-centric-culture-breaking-down-the-walls/) that is a developer’s paradise. The CI/CD helps us deploy features to production whenever we want (which means when we are ready). We have enough freedom and flexibility when it comes to choosing a technology stack and the architecture. There is a minimum amount of legacy and no bureaucracy.

However, you didn’t come to Odessa just to learn how cool we are. We hope you are here *to* have some fun too! Having fun is the part of our culture. To sustain a healthy work-life balance after you have spent few days to grow professionally, join the afterparty we’ve helped to organize. Take some time to relax with us and enjoy your life!